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Here’s More About Me & Imcome

Dear Reader,

My name is Kunjal Kanabar and I’m the founder of Imcome.com, which is a personal finance website dedicated to earning, managing and growing your money.

This website is a culmination of a long career in digital marketing that focused mainly on the finance industry. After being part of this world for over 15 years, I noticed that most personal finance websites seemed to focus on giving a bit of saving advice and finding a good deal. They didn’t focus on the other aspects of a person’s finances – earning it and growing it.

I realised that I had worked on all 3 stages of personal finance – making money, managing money and growing money.

Firstly, when it comes to making money – I’m at the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry. I’ve had significant entrepreneurial successes online, from launching several information products, building a 50,000 subscriber email newsletter, consulting 2 global affiliate networks on traffic and conversion… and even coaching people 1-on-1 to start their own profitable online businesses. I still teach this at my private Facebook group Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs.

Secondly, when it comes to managing your money, I’ve kind of got the inside track. One of my favorite consulting roles was helping a personal finance company shape their business model in order to connect with the right consumers online. I therefore have experience with comparison and finance websites (life insurance, remortgage, loan and private medical insurance etc). And having been “behind the scenes” I know how to spot a bad deal as well. Rest assured, you won’t find any of those on this website!

Lastly, there’s no point leaving your hard earned money in the bank (where it’s probably losing value to inflation). You need to learn how to grow your money too. Later in my career, I worked with a publicly traded company that had just acquired several web properties in the stock trading industry for $60 million USD. It was then that I discovered an interest in investing and studied it in great detail.

So it made sense for me to create Imcome.com. The majority of my career has been helping people make money online and working with companies in the personal finance and investing niches. Given my experience in all these areas, I am aiming to create a personal finance website that truly adds value to people’s lives and helps put more money in their pockets.

To living your best financial life,

Kunjal Kanabar
Founder, Imcome.com