When’s The Best Time To Book A Flight?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to traveling, we all want our flight tickets to be cheap, as we say, “the cheaper, the better.” Sometimes we even decide our destinations by the flight’s price, our travel plans can quickly become expensive by this issue.

For the airlines, it’s about getting their clients to pay the most they’re willing to pay for their travel, and that’s the opposite of what we all clients want when planning our holidays.

Keep in mind that a particular plane ticket’s price will most definitely vary drastically, depending on the day of the week, the month of the year, and others. 

COVID NOTE: Keep in mind that things are very different in the time of Covid, most airlines offer free cancelations, and there are many cheap deals online if you’re prepared to book several months in advance.

What months is the best month to book a flight?

According to the research done last year in 2020 in the U.S., January, February, and August are ideal months to book a cheap flight.

How early do I have to book my flight?

On average, airfares say that the best time to book flights for domestic trips is 2-3 weeks in advance, and for international flights is72 days in advance. It may seem too early, but trust us, it’s not! The earlier, the better.

What if your trip starts in a few weeks, but you have no ticket yet?

Don’t worry; we got you all covered. In this situation, you should check the flight prices on late Monday nights and late Sunday nights. That’s when many airlines such as Skyscanner decide to drop their prices drastically. But many people say that airfares such as JetBlue and Southwest always drop their prices late Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Should you book a flight or wait for an even cheaper deal?

Knowing when to book your flight ticket can be a tough road to take. Ultimately, especially with the situation that’s been going on since last year (world pandemic), it’s hard to calculate when the prices will drop. There’s no real guarantee; what you can do is compare the fare you’re considering with what is available, and keep in mind that not every site will show you every airline of the moment. Take your time and do your research. 

NOTE: If you’ve already made your booking but see a better fare immediately after, take advantage of the 24-hour hold policies that will allow you to cancel your booking without any costs.

What are the best airlines in the U.S.?

It’s hard to choose one airline, but we can give you a few airline names that are the best in the U.S., such as Virgin America, Jet Blue, and Alaska.

What do you need to know about different airline industries to be able to find cheap flights?

There are two types of carriers, low cost, and legacy carriers. Now, what is the difference? Legacy is “famous” airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, etc. In comparison, low-cost carriers are “regular” airlines like Jet Blue, Virgin Airlines, or Ryan Air.

Legacy Airlines 

  • Offer more classes for the passengers
  • Food and drink service
  • Have better service
  • Tickets for missed flights

Low-cost airlines

  • Meager prices and sales
  • Fly shorter routes 
  • Large changes between the flight tickets that changes by the hour, days
  • Must book on the airline’s website
  • Return tickets
  • Luggage is not in the price.
  • Usually no in-flight entertainment.

5 Tips to find cheap flights in 2021

#1 Flexibility

Of course, this step is not the easiest one, but it’s one of the secret ingredients for finding cheap flights to some of your favorite destinations. Unfortunately, if your dates and destinations are not changed, it will be much harder for you to find convenient flight prices.

#2 Research your options

Do not stop at the first flight booking site that you see on the web, do in-depth research so you can find a cheap ticket. The prices can drastically change (Kayak.com, Momondo.com, Google Flights, Jet Blue, etc.).

#3 Choose the right day

The best days to fly are usually Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, and the most expensive days to book your flights are Thursday and Friday.

#4 Budget Airlines

Look at flights on budget airlines; they don’t always appear on regular travel websites yo try to search multiple sites to find them (such as Skyscanner, Cheap Flights, etc.).

#5 Decide when to book

This is one of the most essential steps, plan when you should book your flight. If you have time to book and already know every detail about your destination, flights, etc. Decide when it’s the best time for you to make your booking. The best period for you to purchase your flight ticket is between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon. Why? Because most of the sales come out on Monday, are matched by Tuesday, and disappear by Thursday.

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